Megahome Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and trading household items to meet the practical needs of every Vietnamese family. The company is proud to be one of the first enterprises in Vietnam to produce and launch home cleaning products to foreign markets. With many development efforts, Megahome brand is now trusted by more than 20 million Vietnamese families.
  • Established on December 30th 2013, the headquarters is located at 1768/10/14 Tinh Lo 10 Street, Quarter 1, Tan Tao Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. In the early days of the startup, the company had only 5 employees working in 250 m2 with a small working space, no facilities of machinery and transportation.
  • On November 6th 2014, Megahome officially launched a branch in Hanoi, marking a turning point in expanding the domestic market. In addition, during this period, human resources and production lines were also increasingly improved and developed
  • Since December 2017, new transport vehicles equipped with advanced technology, the first factory in Ho Chi Minh City has been built, helping to raise productivity and labor quality to a new level. From this period, Megahome always achieved sales growth of more than 200% compared to previous years. The domestic market is also gradually expanding, Megahome brand is present in all provinces - cities over the country.
  • On December 30th 2018, marks the event when Megahome was 5 years old The company is proud to become a high-class partner of a series of big domestic brands such as Big C, AEON Mall, Co.op Mart, Mega Market, Green Electronics, Emart, Lazada, Shopee ... of domestic consumers and more than 500 Agents and Distributors over the country.


Vision Become a Vietnamese brand of international stature in the field of manufacturing household products as the focus, understand the needs of consumers. Put customers' trust first.
Mission With the Mission to create high quality products, diverse models, reasonable prices, good after-sales, reputable, unique and creative. Megahome is constantly developing, renewing technologies, improving the qualifications and skills of the human resources, creating the best products, the best designs, best suited to any space, every customer needs. In addition, the company aims to develop multi-industry manufacturing companies on the basis of sustainable development.
FUTURE ORIENTATION About products: Developing to diversify products. Affirm the market share and products of high technology and technology. Research and develop new products, especially the products that the company has the potential and advantages.

About the market: Promote marketing activities to promote the company's brand and products on the market. Implementing good quality policies for customers to maintain and develop the brand and market share. Promote all resources, promote foreign activities, joint ventures and partnerships with foreign partners to access the wider international market.

Science and technology: Promote the movement of technical innovations, rationalize production to innovate technologies in production and business to create more profits. Regularly update, research, apply scientific and technological advances in the world.
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